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First one Family Company Limited

Welcome to First one Family Company Limited, your number one source of distributor for premier international Standard Quality Imported Safe and Vault. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best of security, with an emphasis on experiencing products on the International level, convenience price, and the best customer services.

About Emperor


The EMPEROR FIRE RESISTANT SAFE is the first company to co-brand with Vietnam Manufacturing Company. In 2019, the First One Family Company expands the network of business and becomes the best importer in Myanmar. Co-branding with Vietnam Manufacturer Company with International Standard Quality, the EMPEROR brand was established with a unique customized design.

Why Choose Us?

How might we improve security and privacy protection for our people?

For them to save their important documents, data and even money, it is necessary for people to trust in the product that can protect them.

We, EMPEROR FIRE SAFE , provide safest, strongest and most effective way to protect your valuables belongings.

Choose the best solution to invest your privacy for a safety purpose. All available sizes and model for any purpose.